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What is Faith?

Faith is

  • a conviction that reality is beyond our present understanding and that there is always more to be learned;
  • a progressive mindset reminding us the constant need of a more comprehensive paradigm;
  • a curious investigation and anticipation of new life forms and realms;
  • a pursuit of a holistic approach which will enable us to see that the seemingly irreconcilable realities are the integral of a harmonious unity;
  • an attempt to reach the horizons of transcendent and unseen that constantly feel itself in different shapes and depths after every discovery of mankind;
  • a hope that we will find meaning and purpose in seemingly meaningless and aimless beings, ordeals and phenomenon;
  • a search for justice which is healing, comforting, correcting and expanding;
  • an appeal for receiving and mirroring the constant lights of eternity through our finite nature.